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The centenarian University of Debrecen boasts the second largest undergraduate student body in Hungary, with the medical school enrolling the largest number of international students; subsequently, our education in the discipline health sciences is widely known and internationally recognised. Our undergraduate education provides the foundations for a high standard postgraduate education in medical sciences, with our PhD programme being an excellent opportunity for graduates wishing to dedicate their future to research and sciences, especially academic health sciences. 

The Doctoral Committee of Medical Sciences at the University of Debrecen coordinates the activities of ten doctoral schools, covering the full spectrum of human health sciences; it awards PhD degrees in clinical medicine, theoretical medicine, health sciences, pharmaceutics and dentistry. PhD candidates can choose whether they want to participate in a state-financed or self-financed full-time doctoral education programme, or in a correspondence form, or as individually preparing students. Our objective is that the Doctoral Committee of Medical Sciences operate as a high standard research institution across a wide range of disciplinary areas. 

According to independent experts, our doctoral schools rank among the highest quality research institutions and form an integral part of international science, which grants recognition not only to Hungarian health sciences, but also contributes to the recognition of health sciences worldwide.


Dr. György Balla
Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
head of the Doctoral Committee

Last update: 2023. 04. 04. 09:04