The complex examination

The complex examination is an examination to be completed in the course of the doctoral education, at the end of the fourth semester, as the conclusion of the coursework and research stage and as the condition of the commencement of the research and dissertation stage, which assesses and evaluates the student’s progress in the academic and research fields. 

At the beginning of the fourth semester the doctoral student must sign up for the course entitled “Complex examination”, which is assigned no credit value (Neptun code of the subject: OT-KV-4). The completion of the course will be certified by the secretary of the doctoral school after the successful complex examination. The condition of admission to the complex examination is that the student has earned at least 90 credits in the “coursework and research stage” of the doctoral education (first four semesters), including 12 education (course) credits for mandatory subjects.  The candidate must apply for the complex examination in writing;  in addition to the application form, the candidate must also submit a photocopy of his/her university diploma (unless it has already been submitted), and the documents attesting his/her language knowledge, if these are already available. 

The schools operating in the disciplinary area of medical sciences will specify the requirements and subjects of the complex examination in the educational plan and announce them on the website of the competent doctoral school.


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